New website

So. It was about time to finally get a new theme and build a brand new website. Which also gave me the possibility to re-think a few things as to content and structure. I decided to keep it minimalistic and cut down layout and gallery content quite a bit, the latter one to only show what I consider my most representative work(s) from the past few years, and I will go on from there.

As for the blogging, I have never been one to share every moment of my life with the rest of the world, so I guess you will be spared from seemingly never-ending entries about what I had for breakfast, how these new shoes just perfectly fit, and where to get that new top – I might have a thing or two to say about some art stuff I purchase, though, but it certainly won’t be too rough to read through.

Oh, and maybe I will comment on some of my works.

Or someone else’s.

And until then, enjoy!